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Dear TJO2 Supporters:

Last month we were praising God that our electrical issues at our home were finally completely repaired.  This month we are praising God that our septic repair issue has finally been completed.  Little by little our home is becoming our home and not just the house we bought to live in.

I guess that it’s pretty much the same way the Holy Spirit works in us after we accept Christ as our Savior.  The Holy Spirit comes to live in us and, little by little, He repairs the damage of the world in us and turns us into Christ-like homes.

One of the things I really enjoy about the Holy Spirit living in us is the blessing we have by being able to help others in need.  Whether it be by providing food, water, physical or spiritual help; it’s a blessing to be used by God to bless others.

Last month we shared how Maynor has chosen an elderly widow as the recipient of TJO2’s next project.  Jamie posted some pictures on our Facebook and of the lady and the work that was done to repair her home.  It brings joy to our hearts that so many of you continue to support TJO2 so that we can continue to help others that God leads us to.

Twice a month we send funds to Maynor and German.  They use the funds to buy food, and other necessities, and deliver it to people in need in their community. 

A few people have requested more information about the people we choose to help.  We certainly welcome questions.  It is vital that we be held accountable for how we us the resources God provides us through our supports.

Here’s a short list of how we choose:  First, we look within the Body of Believers.  Second, we look for those with no other means of help.  However, first and foremost we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.

We must not forget that showing the love of Christ is very often what brings people to the knowledge of Christ.  Jesus went first to the house of Israel and He took care of His disciples.  But then He also used His resources to show the road to salvation to the lost.

Jamie has spent this last week volunteering as a leader in a VBS at a church near our son’s house.  She did this in order to be able to take our grandson.

We are still searching for a church to attend regularly.  We have visited several churches.  Some close to home and some a little further.  We would prefer to stay close to home so that we can possibly build some relationships.  I also work every Sunday afternoon, so close to home would help.  Please pray that we can discern which one the Holy Spirit is leading us to.

If anyone plans to visit Roatan this year, please let us know.  We have collected various reading glasses to give out to those who need them.  We could mail them to you and we have a contact for you to give them to who would see that they get to those who truly need them.

TJO2 is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit tax-deductible ministry.  Any donation will be much appreciated. A one-time donation, or, if God leads you to monthly support, that would be great too.  You can use the PayPal option either through our email or blog or mail your donation to: 

 TJO2 – 10544 E. Mendoza Ave, Mesa AZ 85209

Email:  Thejourneyof2@gmail.com                          Facebook:  Jamie-Ron Rich-McDonald

Blog: wejourneyedsouth.wordpress.com (there is a PayPal button on this site)

If you have specific or personal questions for us, please email us and we will answer your questions. =)

Always, In Him, Ron and Jamie

Ron McDonald 

Jamie Rich-McDonald

Viviendo el sueno

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