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April 25, 2021

Dear TJO2 Supporters:

This month we are combining the monthly reports for March and April into one report.

As we reported in our last report (March 3), we were a little late posting the report due to our search for a home.  As we are sure many of you know, the housing market has been crazily in favor of the seller.

We lost the first four houses that we bid on by either “cash” buyers or higher bids.

It was a stressful month.  We were finally able to purchase a house within our budget and received the keys to the house on March 12th, at which time we were able to begin the process of moving-in.

Long story short it has been a stressful, hectic couple of months.  As of today, we are within about a week or so of making the house livable.  However, there is still an issue with the sewer line that will not be completed until mid- May.  Please pray that the final repairs go well and that we can complete the move-in process with no more surprises.  

Last Sunday/Monday we were able to make it up to Show Low to retrieve the items we placed in storage there over ten years ago.  Sorry that we were not able to visit with anyone due to the fact that I had to be back to work on Tuesday.  We literally drove up, spent the night, packed the Uhaul truck we rented and drove back down Monday.  Tuesday we unloaded in the morning and I was at work for my 2:30 – 11pm shift.

In the last two months, thanks to the supporters of TJO2, we were able to buy food and other necessities for several families in the colonia.  The back pack ministry that many of you came to Roatan to help with is continuing to help many people in need of basic necessities.

Currently Maynor is in the process of deciding which family to help next with another project such as the one they completed last month where your donations put a much-needed roof on a home.  Jamie posted picture of the project on Facebook and our blog.

TJO2 is also continuing to pay for schooling for two of Jamie’s former students.  With a better education they will be able to find better jobs to be able to better support themselves and their families.

Once we truly get settled into our new home, Jamie plans to do another ‘Bra Drive’ for “Free The Girls”.  Human trafficking has been a horrible plague in this world for far too long.  The Covid-19 pandemic has actually increased not only the trafficking but the physical abusing.

Jamie joined one of our Board Members last night and attended a meeting on the efforts to stop abortions.   We are not saying the pandemic is not serious and in need of serious efforts.  However, abortion has taking millions of lives.

We can’t help wondering how many of these aborted babies God created that could have gone on to fulfil their destines by helping humanity in some great way.  Was the baby aborted that God created to come up with the cure for cancer?  Was there a baby created that would have developed a clean, renewable source of inexpensive power?  Maybe God created a child that would grow up and discover a cure for all viruses.

Jamie and I are committed to the mission statement of The Journey Of 2, which is “To provide food, water, physical and spiritual help to those in need”.   God leads us in our journey and He works through us according to His will.

Even though He has brought us back to the United States, He continues to provide the opportunities to stay focused on the goal He sets before us.

Jamie and I truly appreciate the continued support so many of you provide through the way God leads you.  Our prayer is that God richly blesses you for your obedience to His will as it pertains to TJO2.

As we have always stated, TJO2 is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit tax-deductible ministry.  Any donation will be much appreciated. A one-time donation, or, if God leads you to monthly support, that would be great too.  You can use the PayPal option either through our email or blog or mail your donation to: 

 TJO2 – 10544 E. Mendoza Ave, Mesa AZ 85209

Email:                          Facebook:  Jamie-Ron Rich-McDonald

Blog: (there is a PayPal button on this site)

If you have specific or personal questions for us, please email us and we will answer your questions. =)

Always, In Him, Ron and Jamie

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