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2020 has been one of the craziest, heaviest, scariest years for many people and most of us are pretty stinkin’ excited for the calendar to roll over to 2021. This year has shown us that life is crazy unpredictable and you truly neverknow what can and will happen that you are zero % prepared for. This year has show us that our health and jobs and relationships and freedom and security can all vanish in the blink of an eye. 
Whether 2020 was the greatest year of your life, or you are crazy happy to see 2020 finally end, thankfully there is one truth that still remains 100% true through it all for each and every one of us, regardless of the insanity around us:God is with us- ALWAYS. 
God’s Word is filled with prayers of men and women who reached out to God for a fresh start. Over and over and over again they prayed for God to give them a new beginningand He was with each and every one of them. On the heels of the celebration of the birth of our King, the reminder that He is with us has the power to carry us right into a fresh and beautiful new start. 
The truth is that He is Immanuel, God with us. And though circumstances and situations around us will shift and change constantlyand though people and relationships will wound and hurt us, and though things will happen in 2021 that stink and we wish didn’t, our God never changes- EVER-and He will never leave our side. 
When I focus on it, that truth helps me to remember that God is in total control and therefore I can rest in the knowledge that no matter how out of control I feel, He is still on His throne. What a crazy comfort that is in this unpredictable, insane world we are living in today! 
My prayer is that as we read and write these verses about new beginnings and a new year, we are able to focus on the truth of His word.I pray that as a result our hearts and minds are filled with these truths and that we spend each and every day of 2021 drawing closer to Him and learning more about Him through time spent in His Word. 

December 17, 2020

Dear TJO2 Supporters,

This month’s report is early, short and to the point.  God is still blessing the work He sent us to do in Roatan, Honduras.  The ministry continues and we are asking you to continue supporting us in 2021.

Praise God, for in the month of November, The Journey of 2 was able to provide food, water, physical and spiritual help to several families in need in Roatan, Honduras.  We were able to do this by sending the donations we received to German and Maynor, who then used the funds to continue helping those in need in their community through the ‘Backpack’ ministry.

Even though God has returned us to the United States, we are continuing the mission He has given to us.  God has blessed us in so many ways over the years.  One major blessing is seeing the ministry continue through the people we ministered to.  Jamie taught both German and Maynor English and I mentored Christ-like behavior to them through soccer and spending one-on-one time with them. Jamie is also continuing to volunteer for Free The Girls and will be having another bra drive in January.

We are fully aware that 2020 has been a year of difficult trials.  For some, more severe that others, so we know that, for many of you, continuing to support the work God is doing through TJO2 is a sacrificial giving.  We trust that God will bless your sacrifice because He has said so, and He is not a liar.

Now that Jamie and I are living in the States, 95% of all donations go to those we serve, with 5% being used for bank fees, postage, and Western Union fees.

We pray that each one of you has a truly wonderful Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  We also pray that 2021, regardless of what goes on in the world, that even more people come to faith in Jesus Christ and begin their journey directed by the Holy Spirit.

As we have always stated, TJO2 is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit tax-deductible ministry.  Any donation will be much appreciated. A one-time donation, or, if God leads you to monthly support, that would be great too.  You can use the PayPal option either through our email or blog or mail your donation to:

 TJO2 – 10544 E. Mendoza Ave, Mesa AZ 85209

Email:  Thejourneyof2@gmail.com                          Facebook:  Jamie-Ron Rich-McDonald

Blog: wejourneyedsouth.wordpress.com (there is a PayPal button on this site)

If you have specific or personal questions for us, please email us and we will answer your questions. =)

Always, In Him, Ron and Jamie

Ron McDonald

Jamie Rich-McDonald

Viviendo el sueno

Giving Tuesday

Good morning- I’m joining the promo of giving Tuesday to ask you to donate to The Journeyof2…we need help sponsoring two young adults to complete school. One needs to complete high school and the other is trying to complete “college”. Also we are still in need of funds to continue sending food to those we love in Honduras.. please pray about donating. We have PayPal “thejourneyof2@gmail”. Or you can mail a check to 10544 e Mendoza ave, Mesa Az 85209.

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