June 16

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Hi All – well in one month we will be in the states =0!!! this is a stressful time in our lives trying to figure it all out while still trusting the Lord to provide us with health, contentment, patience and the list could go on and on =) Here is my one sentence on COVID, the numbers have gone up a bit here in CR due to Nicaraguan’s crossing over the river due to the fact that they have no medical care… We have pretty much sold everything except the bed (the person never came to the apartment)…we are trusting the Lord to provide and letting my worry go. Okay so why the picture above well; Ronnie and I do bible study every morning, and now we are on the book of Revelation (Ronnie’s idea). We read the chapter then go to this bible to listen to the mini sermon about what we read. you use a scanner code thing with an app on your phone or tablet. This “bible” was recommended to me by a friend on the island but we didn’t have the actual/physical bible…well about 4 months later we received book donations and wouldn’t you know that God provided this bible in the stack of bibles we received. and it was pretty much brand new. This isn’t a sponsored ad for this bible it is just something we find really beneficial in our lives. we have used it when reading through the whole bible also or when we just want to study a particular book. i have seen it on Amazon (don’t know price) since i know there aren’t many christian bookstores around anymore. well that is about all that is going on. Stay healthy and have a great Tuesday.

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