May 5, 2020

Good Morning All – Today is giving Tuesday for non-profits (which I am sure you already knew). If you are wondering why I haven’t asked for extra donations on this day well…here is the answer…Covid19 has not caused us to have a shortage of funds. God has/had supplied our extra needs through all of you that give regularly and those of you that give for “special” things (like food donations, which will be an ongoing need for another month). Of course more money can always be spent on the Red Zone and Roatan but you all are supplying the needs little by little. I have faith that those that donate will continue to do so being led by the Lord as to how they should give.

Here in Costa Rica restrictions have been mostly lifted (no restaurants or salons or church but otherwise open), we don’t have a car and that is where a lot of the restrictions are, also we are usually in the house by 7pm at night anyways and we are asked to stay at home from 7pm-5am. Keep Safe and Take Care – descanse!!

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