​Evening Prayer: Heavenly Father, in the midst of our challenging lives, cause us to be wise enough to make YOU our number one priority.  Amen

May Newsletter

May 25, 2020

Dear TJO2 Supporters,

Prior to writing this month’s report, I spent more time praying, meditating on God’s Word and discussing with Jamie about how the last month has changed our lives.

Being confined to our apartment for the last two months has allowed us to spend some time alone.  That’s sounds strange, since we’ve spent most of the last eight years together 24 hours a day.  Most of that time, however, was us serving others.  We have found ways to serve during our confinement, but this has been a wonderful time to rediscover each other.

Turns out, we love to be together.  We have known that for a long time, while we love serving others, we have tended to set aside the time that should have been spent with just the two of us.  We missed that, so it has been nice ministering to each other.

We’ve talked a lot; I mean a lot.  As you all know, Jamie is a very sociable person.  She likes to share her thoughts and she likes to hear what others want to say.  She is a gifted listener.  People tell her things.  Therefore, I have had to step-up and increase my 2k words a day (the average man uses 5k) to like 8k!

We have had some great conversations about our past journeys together.  Our present journey and what we would like God to direct us to do in the future. 

As I mentioned earlier, we have found ways of serving in our confinement.  Jamie has learned how to use Zoom.  She has been teaching English via Zoom.  She has also continued to take Spanish lessons via Zoom.  We have been able to send funds to people in need in Roatan.  We have also been able to send funds to people who are able to get food and clothing to people in the Red Zone. 

Two weeks ago, I started walking up to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) and have been doing maintenance for them.  This is good for me in that I get exercise and I am able to use my maintenance skills to provide them with some much-needed help.

Recently, the Costa Rican government extended visas again.  This time we have been extended to August 17th.  This is a blessing to us since our visas would have run out in mid-March. 

However, the extension is not without side effects.  When they closed the borders, they put an indefinite hold on all Resident Applications.  In addition, any non-citizen, even people with Residency, who leave CR, will not be allowed to return until the country reopens.  Some of the apostille documents we obtained in the States for our Resident Application are time sensitive.  This means some must be redone, which means more expense.  We are praying about this.

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Always, In Him, Ron and Jamie

I have a lot to be thankful for…as I look around the world right now and talk to my friends in the states and in Roatan, I realize we have it pretty good right now. We aren’t sick, we have food, water, electricity and enough money to pay for these ítems. Today a big act of kindness was bestowed upon me by my downstairs neighbor and I’m thankful!!!

Evening Prayer: Holy Spirit guide my mind into Your quietness, where streams of peace run deep. Amen

Morning Scripture:
“Though the fig tree should not blossom,
nor fruit be on the vines,
the produce of the olive fail
and the fields yield no food,
the flock be cut off from the fold
and there be no herd in the stalls,
yet I will rejoice in the Lord;
I will take joy in the God of my salvation.
God, the Lord, is my strength;
he makes my feet like the deer’s;
he makes me tread on my high places.
To the choirmaster: with stringed instruments.”

  • Habakkuk 3:17-19

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