Good Afternoon All

good afternoon (12:10 our time), well just a random update…we are fine and healthy and have plenty of food…our day didn’t start fantastic (internet, wifi, tv issues…been working on it for two weeks) but we got an appointment for next week (7 days from now) so hopefully i will be able to zoom after that. i don’t have enough “mb’s” or something to get a clear connection. also i am trying to do my english classes this way. so far no luck but it could happen =), still trying to work on my spanish classes, since the covid 19 issues the teachers are limited and so are times and my internet connection doesn’t help the issue =) . well that is about it, thank you for the continued prayers. if you have a prayer request let me know and we will be praying for you. thanks again for following our journey . 1 thess 5:16-18

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