good morning 3/23/20

good morning all – just checking in to see what everyone is up to…we are fine. we had to venture out to the local vegetable store today for a few fresh items (one person at a time allowed in the store – major “social distancing” – then wash down of everything upon returning to the apartment). we are listening to alexa (our only form of music) and watching Netflix, reading…we are almost finished with the book of Psalm. Just a recommendation for those of you that get things from Amazon. We use our bibles and then the “Life Essential Bible” by Gene Getz. It’s pretty cool because he has a mini sermon after each chapter of the bible. You scan the qr scanner thingy and listen. (a free app on your phone or tablet). He gives good insight. Just an idea. That is about it!!! Hang in there and Proverbs 3:5-6

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