March 10, 2020

Welcome to today’s post.  Jamie and I are not serving in the Red Zone this week.

As a purely precautionary measure, the Costa Rican government has closed the Red Zone to everyone who doesn’t work or live in the area.

I want to emphasize the word ‘precautionary’.  A long time ago, Jamie and I learned the need to keep things in perspective.  The fact is that the drive into San Jose is much more risky than catching the C Virus.  In fact, there are a vast number of other viruses, illnesses, injuries and other mishaps that we have dealt with since our journey began in 2012.

That being said, God also gives us the discernment to not be foolish.  It doesn’t mean that we are idle either.

We are both taking this opportunity to do other things that we have kept on the back burner.  As an example, this post.  It’s been a while since I’ve written.  Frankly, I’ve had writer’s block.  There’s a fine line between writing something worth while and just writing.

Therefore, I am taking this time to be still before the Lord and let Him write through me.

I will also spend more time doing maintenance up at the Missionary Training Center.  I also hope to spend some truly quality time praying.  And I plan to start my annual Father’s Day letters to my son and daughter.

Jamie, oh where do I start.  I often marvel at her.  Even when she says she is doing nothing, she is thinking, comtemplating, planning, praying and reading; just to name a few things she does when doing nothing.

There’s really no down time when it comes to Jamie.  She will be spending her time taking Spanish lessons.  She will take this time to be even better prepared to teach English.  She is continuing to hold class.

I have more stuff to share, but I want to spend more time with God so that I can be clear and informative. So, stay tuned! 😊

Ronald L. McDonald

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