February 23, 2020


Welcome to today’s post.  Jamie and I did not serve in the Red Zone this past week.  We took the week off to spend time with my mother and my sister who came from Phoenix, Arizona to visit us.

It was a wonderful week.  Our friend, Grace, used her car to take us on some adventures.  Some of the places we went were to La Paz Falls, Volcano Poas and downtown San Jose to tour the National Theater.

Jamie and I have been to all these places before, but it is always nice to be with people who are seeing them for the first time.

We introduced them to the ‘tipico’ food of Costa Rica.  One such meal was a delicious breakfast prepared for all of us by Grace.  Besides the beans, rice, eggs, vegetables and fried cheese, Grace had bought several of the current fruits that are in season.

When visiting a country, it is a blessing to be befriended by a local.  Our friend demonstrated the true hospitality of the people of Costa Rica.

Ronald L. McDonald

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