Welcome to today’s post.  The serpent did not temp Adam and Eve to steal, kill or commit adultry.  He simply tempted them to question God’s Word.  If you are being tempted, ask yourself who are you listening to?

Back when I was doing Bible Study with the court boys in Roatan I would always ask a question before, during and after.  “Is God a liar?”

There is a liar.  He is called “the father of lies”.  Hence why we always need to read, believe and obey what He says.  God tells us in 1 Peter 5:8 “Be of sober spirit, be on alert.  Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour”.   The truth is, he can only devour those who believe his lies, and not the Word of Truth; which is God.

Okay off my soapbox and on with the events of this week in the Red Zone.

A long time ago I stopped saying “Well, now I’ve seen everything”.  Truly, we never know what we are going to see when serving in the Red Zone.  There’s always something new and/or different variations of regular activities.

As I was serving at the door of Casa Esperanza, as per my norm, my eyes were scanning up and down the street tuning myself to the vibe of the street.  In another post I will share the risks of not be vigilent.

This week, as I was observing the drug dealer across the street, a number of new and thought-provoking events ocurred.  One such event was the motor-scooter rider who stopped.  The drug dealer did something I’ve not seen him do before.  He took out his wallet.  Prior to this day, all I’ve seen him do is receive money.  On this day he took twenty-thousand colones (roughly $40) out of his wallet and gave it to the guy on the scooter.  The scooter rider pulled a handfull of pea-sized balls of crack and gave it to the dealer.  As I realized what was happening, I turned and looked the other way, so that neither would know that I witnessed this exchange.

A couple of days later, as I was observing the drug dealer, I noticed he was suddenly focusing on something going on on my side of the street about thirty yards east of us.  He suddenly took off running that direction.  I quickly unlocked the door and stepped out to look down that way.  He was confronting a couple of guys who were now headed my way!  I stepped back in, lock the door and walked towards the back of the room; but my curiousity drew me back to the door.

For the next several minutes there was a lot of activity going on down that direction.  Eventually, the police showed up.

My thought was that the drug dealer maybe confronted either a rival, or someone who owed him.

Twenty minutes later he was back in his normal spot across the street and the street was relatively normal.

Later, one of our RZ ladies went to talk to him.  She came back with a very interesting story.  Turns out that the drug dealer noticed a couple of guys trying to rob the parking lot attendant where our fellow servant, Michelle, parks her car.

The dealer and some of his friends prevented it and inflicted some street justice in the process. People on the street (even the drug dealer) watch each other’s backs.  Interesting.

Ronald L. McDonald

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