January 18, 2020

This week Jamie and I started serving in the Red Zone again.  It is nice to be back.  They had a mandatory closing December 13-January 13.   

After returning from Mexico where we went to visit a fellow servant and renew our visas, we began preparing for where God is directing us in 2020.

Besides the Red Zone, Jamie will be starting up English classes here in our apartment again. 

The first class is this coming Monday.  She’s starting with nine students this time. 

In addition, she has been asked to start teaching English at Casa Esperanza.  We need to pray about this first.  It will mean, well, we’re not sure exactly what this will mean.  Hence, why we have to pray about it.

I started serving again back up at the missionary training center.  As in all maintenance, it is a service that never ends. 

Jamie and I are continuing to be faithful to our morning bible study.  We attend two bible study groups (one in Spanish and one in English).  We are getting to know more people at the church we have been attending.

Last week Jamie attended a staff meeting with the head of the ministry we are serving with at Casa Esperanza.  They have laid out the goals for 2020.  More praying with the RZ ladies.  More relationship building activities.  Basically, more serving with intent. To help start this process, Jamie suggested “prayer partners” so now Jamie has three ladies that she is engaged with as prayer partners. Please pray this connection spurs them towards the LORD.

We hope that you will continue to follow The Journey Of 2 as Jamie and I follow the path that God has placed us on.

Ronald L. McDonald

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