Yesterday was Casa Esperanza‘s Christmas party for the red zone ladies. All the Casa Esperanza staff arrived extra early. As usual, I am in the door. Today, we can only let in one person at a time in order to give them their number. We could only accommodate sixty women today.

To make sure everyone received a number, we had them file in single file. As Sylvia wrote down each of their names, Jamie gave each one a wrist band with three tags.  Each tag had their number on it (tags for breakfast, lunch and gift bag).

They were told they had to stay for the whole event, if they wanted the gift bag at the end.  If they left early they had to give me their wrist band and they would not be allow back in.  This is something they’re not used to.  

We had previously decided that the maximum number we could accommodate was sixty.  This is twice our daily average.  So, when we gave out number sixty, we could not allow anymore in the door.  There were several women left outside and they were not happy.

Just as we were about to begin, a singing group of 26 people arrived to entertain the ladies. So, including staff, we had 95 people in a room where we normally have 25 to 35. Did I mention we have one bathroom for the ladies?  

We started by feeding all the ladies Christmas tamales and coffee.

The singing group was wonderful. The leader gave a good message after their singing.

 Singing was followed by a bunch of games that Jamie made up for the ladies to play. This was a hilarious, exciting and fun time.

As the ladies we’re winning their prices from playing the saran wrap game, they would use them right away. Things like lipstick, lotion and nail polish; all sorts of things like that.

 While lunch was being prepared, one of the ladies decided to karaoke. So she got up and sang “What’s love got to do with it” by Tina Turner and “I close my eyes “ by Cindy Lauper. She sang other songs by other artist too. The ladies loved it and were dancing. Jamie pulled out all her dance moves. =)

 Lunch was fried chicken, kettle chips and tea. They really enjoyed that. You could tell because it got fairly quiet while they were eating.

Prior to handing out the gift bags we served dessert; which was a lovely cake.

The day can be described as herding cats.  However, it was a great success. Our leader, Sylvia, managed the whole event skillfully.  We learned a lot from the event, and we know we will put on an even better celebration next year.

Pictures will be on Instagram and Facebook.

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