Jamie and I, and the rest of the staff the Casa Esperanza, served with Chepe se Baña today.

The weather today was very nice. This made serving more of a pleasure. As usual, my job was to keep an eye on everyone along with watching everyone’s backpacks.

Chepe se Baña is sponsored by the Salvation Army. The serving of the red zone ladies today was a well planned, organized operation.

It’s literally a day of loving on ladies that truly need some tlc. The ladies are able to take a shower. They receive clean clothes, they get haircuts, manicures, massages, some medical attention, some counseling and are well fed.

Jamie, along with all the other volunteers, are each assigned a lady to personally walk through the entire process. The volunteers ensure that their lady is thoroughly taken care of; visiting and ministering to them as they go.

While all this is going on, they play bingo. The winners receive prizes such as make-up and little goodie bags full of all sorts of things, such as toiletries.

Today, I realized why they play bingo. It actually keeps everyone relatively quiet. This makes it so that everyone can serve more efficiently; particularly during counseling and the medical attention. It’s a good example of learning from experience.

All in all, a lovely day of watching God do His work through His servants.

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