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October 25, 2019

Dear TJO2 Supporters,

As I noted in one of my weekly posts, Jamie and I hit the ground running when we arrived back in Costa Rica. Our service in the Red Zone has been exciting and crazy as we continue to build relationships through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Each time I start to get aggravated with the street people, I tell myself that God still loves them, and I should too.  Jamie and I try to learn each of their names.  Jamie does know the true names of most of the women that frequent Casa Esperanza, and we know the names of some of the men and women that live on the street in the Red Zone.

However, similar to Honduras, many people use nick names and when we can’t learn either their street name or their real name, we tend to make up names so that we know who we are talking about.

For example, there’s the One Arm Guy.  He normally walks by the door around 11:15am.  When I first met him I wasn’t to sociable with him.  God changed my heart and now I make sure I have a cup of coffee and some cookies waiting for him when he walks by.  We call each other “My Friend”.  When we see each other we both say, “Hey My Friend, good to see you today”.

Then there’s “Stealer Lady”.  We call her that because she steals everything she can get her hands on inside Casa Esperanza.  We had to band her from coming in the building for almost a month after the second time she stole everything out of the bathroom.

We’ve missed “Sleepy Lady”.  She used to be at the center every time we were open.  She would come in and fall asleep on one of the couches.  We’d wake her up to eat and then when it was time to close.  We still see her on the street often, but she rarely comes in the center.  We can’t get her to tell us why.

Some of you may remember Willy.  He’s the guy that has been living on the sidewalk across the street from Casa Esperanza for over 20 years now.  When I first met him, a year ago, I would take him some food from time to time as God led me.  After a year of observing him I now know that many people give him food and drink.  Many also give him money; which he uses to buy cigarettes and the acetone that the street people drink.

Lately Willy has been moving around more.  He gets up and shuffles the 50 yards to the corner store where he buys his items.  He has worn the same clothes all these years.  The result is his clothes have a sort of canvas, oiliness to them.  All his clothes are a dirty army green.  His pants are always at his knees.  He has two long shirts on that come down to his thighs.  He wears a big coat that makes him look bigger that he actually is.

Just yesterday we received news from our friend Carmen in Roatan that they took her daughter, Sarah, to the doctor to find out why she has been suffering from headaches.  Sarah is the girl we are supporting by paying for her schooling.  Carmen told us the doctor says the headaches are due to arthritis.  Never heard of that.  We are trying to obtain more information about this.  Please pray for Sarah’s complete healing.

As you may remember, Jamie has suspended teaching English in our Apartment until January 2020.  She is using this time to take an on-line Spanish course with a live tutor. 

I have been faithful to go up to the Missionary Training Center to do maintenance in the shop there two to three days a week for two to four hours each time.  It feels good to be doing something I that I have a high ability to do.

Last month we told you all about our friend, Yami (pronounced Jami) who has been waiting for two years to have her kidney stones removed.  I don’t know the technical term but, in layman’s terms, I believe the term is imbedded.  She was scheduled to have her surgery at the beginning of this month, however, the doctor decided he wanted to ‘review’ her case some more.  Please pray for Yami that she can get the operation she needs asap.  We have agreed to house her during her recovery.  So please also pray that the operation occurs before we must leave again to renew our visas.

As always, if God leads you to start or continue supporting us financially, TJO2 is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit tax-deductible ministry.  We would really appreciate your monthly giving or a one-time donation. You can use the PayPal option either through our email or blog or mail your donation to:

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If you have specific or personal questions for us, please email us and we will answer your questions. =)

Always, In Him, Ron and Jamie

Viviendo el Sueno

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