Wow!  The last five weeks went by fast.  Jamie and I returned from the States last Thursday night. I’ll share how our journey went after (in our monthly post) I share the last leg of our flight back to Costa Rica. 

Since we book the cheapest flights possible, we normally don’t get to pick our seats, therefore we normally get assigned center seats in different rows.  Which was the case this trip. 

However, prior to boarding in Atlanta for our final flight, Jamie went up to speak with the lady at the counter to see about getting seats one in front of the other so that we could pass items back and forth to each other.

As Jamie walked up the lady stopped her and said she was having a bad day.  She informed Jamie that her computer wasn’t working and that the tech guy on the phone did not speak English very well.  She went on to tell Jamie that she was also not doing well with her current passage through menopause.

Jamie then did what Jamie does.  She smiled, told her she understood and gave her a few words of encouragement.  She told the lady she would come back when the computer was working.

A few minutes later the lady informed the crowd that she was ready to answer questions.  Jamie was able to be the first at the counter and politely explained our request.  The lady stated that the seats were already assigned but she would see what she could do.

Jamie smiled, said thank you and left the counter.

As we were boarding the plane the lady asked for our passports rather than our “center seat” boarding passes.  When we scanned our passports seats 10A and 10B printed out.  Window and center in the first row behind first class.  What!!!  And no one sat in 10C!

We had a very lovely last leg of our journey.  It pays to be nice.

Ronald L. McDonald

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