Jamie and I have been in the states for almost a month now. We have stayed in three different states and slept in five different cities.

We have enjoyed visiting with friends and family, however, as in each year, we return to the States primarily for fundraising for The Journey Of 2.

It is only through the support of those who have faith that God has directed our steps to serve Him in Costa Rica that we are able to serve effectively.  God has continued to put the prayerful and financial support of TJO2 on people’s hearts.

Jamie and I have lived and served God in Costa Rica now for over a year.  Through much prayer and the seeking of the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are confident that God wants us in CR for at least two more years.

Therefore it has become necessary for us to apply for residency.  CR does not have ‘missionary’ residency as an option.  This means the cost and process is more expensive and technical than our previous residency in Honduras.

The total cost of residency for the two of us is right at $3,000.

At this time we are asking our followers to pray and see if God is leading you to financially aide us in these costs.  Our dear friends in California recently held a bake sale that has provided about half of the down payment we need for the lawyer to begin work on filing our application.  So even before we asked, God was already at work ahead of our visit.

Jamie and I want to thank all of you who have continued to follow and support our journey as we seek to be willing servants to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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