Post for August 14, 2019

Welcome to this week’s update on The Journey Of 2.  As always, Jamie and I appreciate all of you who take the time to follow our journey as we serve God in Costa Rica.

Jamie is excited about our pending visit to the States.  I am too, however, I am doing my best to deal with my issues with traveling.  I used to be good at traveling, but in the last couple of years I tend to stress about it.  Please pray that I relax, knowing that God has it all under control.

As I mentioned in our monthly report for July, God has been doing a lot of work through us and in us.  Jamie is branching out into different ways of helping the Red Zone ladies, and I have begun to see the Red Zone population through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, rather than through my own judgmental eyes.

When we arrive in the States, we will be bringing some items that have been sewn by some of the Red Zone ladies.  Jamie will be offering them for sale.  All funds received from the sale of these items will go directly to the Red Zone ladies.

One of Jamie’s goals is for the ladies to make enough money to pay for a hotel room a month in advance.  Currently, paying by the day costs them $300 a month.  If they can come up with the advance of $200 (security/first month’s rent), they will be able to lower their rent to $100 a month.

We believe that between selling bras and the items they sew; they can easily support themselves without the need to sell their bodies.  Please pray about this.  Also pray that the women can learn how to budget their funds so that they can pay the rent each month.

Jamie and I are also somewhat concerned about our re-entry into Costa Rica at the end of our States visit.  We have heard that CR immigration has denied entry to some “permanent tourist ” This is a term they use for people like Jamie and I who live here and leave every ninety days, for at least three day, to renew our visas.

Please continue to follow our journey as we serve the Lord in Costa Rica.

Ronald L. McDonald

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