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Welcome to this week’s update on The Journey Of 2.  Jamie and I appreciate all of you who take the time to follow our journey as we serve God in Costa Rica.

I am a couple of days late on this week’s post due to the flu.  Praise God that it was just the flu.  The last time we worked at Chepe de bana there was a medical team there giving free flu shots to anyone wanting them.  Apparently, there is currently a minor epidemic in Costa Rica. Jamie and I have always avoided such shots.  Be-that-as-it-may, we are fine now.

Yesterday we had another interesting day in the Red Zone.  Casa Esperanza hosted another team of women; well, mostly women.  They brought a few ‘under 18’ girls with them.  The policy is no one under 18 in the Red Zone; particularly girls who have never been exposed to what they may see there.  We allowed them to serve but kept them from the front door so they wouldn’t see the daily activities on the street.

The team was actually a big help, and the ladies who sell the bras were able to sell several to the team.

One of our team members donated a nice sleeping bag on Tuesday.  My first thought was about Willie, our street guy who lives on the sidewalk across the street from Casa Esperanza.  A couple of weeks ago someone took his large trash bags that he had stuffed with who knows what.  Willie just seemed lost without his bags.

So, one of the other workers and I took the sleeping bag over to him and talked with him a few minutes.  He accepted the bag and we returned to CE.

As I continued my service of manning the door I also continued to scan back and forth observing the activities of the street.  After about fifteen minutes I noticed that Willie had thrown the sleeping bag about five feet away.  In the past this would bother me, but it is Willie’s MO.  I am fairly sure the bag will be ceremoniously stuffed into one of his new black trash bags when we return to the Red Zone tomorrow.

Please continue to follow our journey as we serve the Lord in Costa Rica.

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