Chepe de banas…

yesterday was an amazing day for us…I cried, I had great heartache and I danced and sang. chepe de banas is an organization that has a mobile shower unit/bus. So, the ladies of Casa Esperanza had the privilege to participate. The were treated to a big breakfast, clothes, haircut, manicure, makeup, bingo (with prizes), feminine products and a SHOWER. There was also live music and prayer. I (Jamie) worked the check in table and Ronnie worked the clothes table. We checked in 56 people. The set up was in a welding/car wash parking lot (it was a perfect place for all of this), anyways at the check in table some of the questions were do you live in a hotel or on the street, did you go to school, if so; then how far did you get, how long have you lived on the street and age. A few ladies had no idea how old they were, about half lived in nightly rented “hotel rooms” (which aren’t what North Americans consider hotel rooms) and the rest lived on the street. It was so so heartbreaking when some of the ladies stated they have lived on the streets their whole lives, some when they were children, some for 21-38 years. can you imagine, I can’t!!! I asked one of my friends who lived on the streets for 9 years how do you eat , survive…live??? she told me that satan pulls you in with drugs and alcohol (no matter how old you are, some in our group started drinking at 6yrs old, given to them by family and neighbors) and at times you are given food, drugs and alcohol for free, so that you have no desire to leave. I was at one point just overcome with emotion and heartbreak for these people whom the Lord has not forgotten and struggling to figure out how to break the cycle and help them realize this and that they also are loved children of the Lord. My answer from the Lord was to show joy, love and friendship daily to them, through hugs and caring about them. Show love and concern…isn’t that what the bible tells us. Love your neighbor as yourself…go out today and show joy and love to someone you know that needs it or maybe just someone you don’t think needs it because they are putting on a mask of “all is well”. Enjoy the day that the Lord has given us.

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