Today I am posting a couple of days early.  I do still plan to post my weekly post on Monday, but I feel I need to share our yesterday with you now.

Yesterday, Jamie and I did something we have never done.  We walked in the procession of the remembrance of the day Jesus was led to the cross.  I must confess that through two thirds of the procession I was inwardly grumbling; God forgive me.

Sinfully, I viewed what I was seeing and doing was some type of idol worship.  Praise my gracious God for opening my eyes before we finished the walk.

As some of you know I was raised Catholic.  This post is not in any way a debate for or against a denomination.  It is to tell you what we experienced.

After walking two thirds of the one and a half kilometers, God opened my eyes, my mind and my heart.  I looked at Jamie and realized that she truly understood what was happening that day.  I saw before me a child of God who was full of wonder and praise for the One who, through this horrible but glorious day, brought salvation to the world. 

I truly believe that thirty years ago God used Jamie to bring me to the knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Friday I was reminded, once again, through Jamie, that while it was a terribly painful day for our Lord, it was a glorious day for His creation.

The very spot I had this revelation was caught on camera.  In photo #9 of the pictures Jamie re-posted last night you can see the top of my head as we stood behind the image of Peter.

At this point we had stopped, again.  (The procession stopped about every 180 meters to read scripture that described Jesus’ walk that day.  After each reading the people would pray and sing.)  At this stop another, smaller procession joined the main procession.  It was people carrying an image of Jesus’s mother, Mary and an image of John.

As the two processions were about to merge, we all stopped and listened to scripture and the head priest of the Church of San Isidro gave a short message.

It was during this message that I realized the faith of the people of San Isidro and their thankfulness and reverence they held for what Jesus did for us all that day.

In a way I believe I felt some of what Peter must have felt when he heard the rooster crow for the third time and looked into the eyes of Jesus.

Praise God for His mercy.  I walked the rest of the procession united in truth and spirit with the people of San Isidro and my lovely Jamie.

My life is good.  All praise, glory and power are due to the King of Kings!

Please continue to follow our journey as we serve the Lord in Costa Rica and continue to work out our salvation.

Ronald L. McDonald

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