• Welcome to this week’s update on The Journey Of 2.  Jamie and I appreciate all of you who take the time to follow our journey as we serve God in Costa Rica. In June, Jamie and I will travel to El Salvador.  It was the closest, cheapest, and therefore, easiest place for us to travel to renew our visitor’s visa in Costa Rica. We have some dear friends in the States who have decided to meet us there, so on this trip we won’t be completely alone. Since becoming missionaries who serve in foreign lands, Jamie and I have lived in or visited four Central American countries; El Salvador will be the fifth.  We have found that each country is not what we expected. Honduras has long been described as the murder capital of the world, with San Pedro Sula as the worst.  During our six years of living in Roatan, Honduras we traveled to many locations, including S.P.S.  In all that time God kept a hedge of protection around us.  We found the people in Honduras to be polite and kind to us; particularly after they came to know and trust us. In Panama we found the people to be very “North-Americanized”.  Very modern and very busy.  It was a wonderful stay in a country that has a fascinating history.  The Panama Canal is well worth visiting.  In the future we hope to go back to more remote parts of Panama; particularly the towns closets to the Costa Rican boarder. In Guatemala, we found the country to be way nicer that we expected.  The traffic on Friday night and Saturday were horrendous.  While driving was slow it was surprisingly organized and polite.  The country was very pleasantly clean.  The people were gracious and helpful.  Antigua was fantastic.  Between the shops, restaurants, places to stay and the history of the place, it was wonderful. We’ve been living in Costa Rica for almost a year now.  Here, we have been somewhat surprised at how hard it has been to find and make friends.  The culture here is very family orientated.  If you’re not in the family, it is very hard for you to get close.  Praise God for our Bible Study group.  They have been very instrumental in getting us connected.  As a result, while it took almost a year, we are now serving in several different ways with the Red Zone ministry and Jamie’s English classes currently being the main area of serving. Please continue to follow our journey as we serve the Lord in Costa Rica.

    Ronald L. McDonald
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