Post for April 8, 2019

Welcome to this week’s update on The Journey Of 2.  Jamie and I appreciate all of you who take the time to follow our journey as we serve God in Costa Rica.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a street person that, for now, I have been calling LeRoy.  As many of you know, on Tuesdays, and now also on Thursdays, I go with Jamie to the Red Zone.  As Jamie, and other volunteer women, serve the ladies of the Red Zone at Casa Esperanza, I man the door.

Not sure if I mentioned the name of the location before, but they named the facility Casa Esperanza (House of Hope).

Anyway, back to LeRoy.  As I informed you in my earlier post, LeRoy sits and/or lays on the sidewalk, in ‘his spot’, across the street and three doors down from C.E.  Usually he is up against the wall but the last couple of weeks he has been out on the curb.

Last Tuesday he got up and walked up the middle of the street and past C. E.  Most of us didn’t even know he could walk.  As he walked by, I observed more about him and his appearance.  He wore at least three layers of clothes.  It appeared that the first layer included something along the line of long johns.  Hard to tell because all his clothing is army green.  How could I see his long johns?  Well, the first two pairs of pants were down around his knees.

I had no idea why his pants were down, but it explained why he shuffled when he walked.  He slowly disappeared somewhere a few doors up from us.

As he shuffled by, I observed his manner.  He purposefully walked up the middle of the street, which has a fair amount of traffic.  No vehicles honked at him or invaded his space as he walked. 

He did not have an angry look.  Others had told me he was always grumpy.  Thus far, that has not been my experience with him.  He seemed to a specific purpose for his walk.  As he passed before me (I was watching him through the locked bars of C. E.) I looked as intently as I could at his face.

What I saw was a man who just wanted to live his life.  I saw loneliness.  I saw kindness.  I saw pain.  I saw a completely lost man who had given up on hope.

At some point I realized he had walked out of my sight and I realized I was now staring at a wall across the street.  I had been so intent on deciphering what I was seeing that time, and LeRoy, had passed.Please pray for LeRoy.  Please also pray for me as I strive to discern specifically how I should minister to this man; and one day know his real name.

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