Jamie has spent the last couple of weeks searching for where we are going to stay when we travel to El Salvador in June.  We will be making another Visa Run.  Jamie does her very best to find the least expensive place to go, and the least expensive place to stay.

For safety, we must be wise in all aspects of these runs.  Particularly when we go to countries we know little about.  In general, the news about many countries, particularly Central American countries, is that they are unsafe.   We constantly heard this about Honduras.  We would regularly receive travel warnings from the American Embassy about the dangers of Honduras.

In all the years we lived in Honduras we lived in relative safety.  When we travel to El Salvador in June, it will be the fifth Central American country we have visited.  While there is always a sense of caution, generally, we travel confidently.

We attribute our safety partially to our research and wise choices of how we travel and where we stay.  However, the true reason for our safety is that we know God has put a hedge of protection around us.

We believe that God maintains a hedge around us for two specific reasons.  One, we are living and serving Him within His will.  Two, people faithfully pray for us.

Jamie and I are truly grateful for all of you who have chosen to have faith in The Journey Of 2 in that we are serving God within the plan that He has for us.  We understand that it is not always clear on what He has us doing; but, through faith, you continue to support us.

Truly, Jamie and I can feel your intercessory prayers; particularly when we are in the mist of heavy trials.

We also truly believe that God will bless you for your faithful sacrifice in your prayerful and financial support for TJO2.  For He Himself tells us in Hebrews 13:16 “And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased”. NSAB

Jamie and I pray and thank God for you all.  Please continue to follow TJO2 as we follow the path that God has laid before us.
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