March 18 2019

  • Tomorrow I will be going with Jamie to the Red Zone in San Jose.  I started going with her on Tuesdays.  On Tuesday’s Jamie, and other ladies, serve the women of the Red Light District; known here as the La Zona Roja. I was asked to come help on Tuesday’s specifically to man the door.  Only women are allowed into the center.  This gives the women a few hours to be out of the lives they live.  Jamie, and the other women who serve these women, minister to these ladies.  I will go into more detail in other posts about how these RZ ladies are ministered to. Today I want to share what I observed and experienced last Tuesday.  As I mentioned earlier, I was asked to come and ‘man’ the door.  Recently, men have been trying to get into the center.  These are ‘street’ men.  Some are the pimps of the ladies being served.  Some are husbands and boyfriends, and some are guys who just want stuff. They asked me to stand at the door to unlock and lock the door as the women come in and go out.  This frees up Jamie and the other women who serve to concentrate on their serving; and they don’t have to deal with the men at the door. So, as I was performing this task I observed Jamie and the other women as they went about serving these ladies. Again, in future posts I will go into more detail about the women being served.  For now though I wan to share about the servers. In a nut shell, a person has to be called by God in order to effectively serve in this ministry.  My observances: These servants of God devote themselves to paying attention to these ladies. They don’t judge them.   They listen to them.  They serve them a meal.  They hand out donated clothes; when they have them.  They share God’s Word with them and pray with them. As they are able, they go out with the ladies to buy them medicines and other items as God leads them.  For example, recently one of the ladies came in with a swollen face due to an abscessed tooth.  The dentist had told her the tooth could not be pulled until she had taken antibiotics.  Michelle and Jamie and another server took the lady to the pharmacy to obtain the medicine.  There’s a miracle in this part of the story too but I’ll share this one another time. As I observed I thought of these Red Zone women.  They did not start life this way.  Each of them was someone’s daughter.  God created them.  How and/or why they ended up selling their bodies for $4, or less, on the street God only knows.  He loves them and tells us to love them too. So Jamie, along with the others, use their God-given gifts to show them the love of God and the light of Jesus. Please continue to view our posts and read more of how God is using The Journey Of 2 in Costa Rica.
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