Ronnie and I like to go on walks everyday. Today we walked in an area we haven’t been in in awhile. So we found an empty house we were looking at and a new apartment building being built…as we were walking an 8 yr old boy on his bicycle was following us. he ask me what we were searching for and I told him just looking at houses and apartments etc. so he kept following us and staring at us. I was chatting a little with him. So we were leaving that area and I told him good bye and we starting walking back towards out house. he said wait, I have a question – okay…what country do you live in, so I told him we live here just on the next street…so he stares for awhile and says hmmm okay. so he is the one from another country because he doesn’t speak Spanish. hahahahaha poor Ronnie he is always the “foreigner” I was excited because maybe my Spanish is improving !!! =) =) =)

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