Prayer Request Update

thank you for your prayers. I thought I would update you on some of the requests. #1 – we HAVE HOT WATER!!! we had to hire an outside person and purchase ($250) a new unit but we have the water. We trust the guy who put it in…I do understand that hot water isn’t a requirement for renting BUT the apartment came with hot water when we moved in. All is well though.

#2 nothing is new on the dryer – still no one has come to repair it. On Monday I’m going with my friend Ivonne to speak with the place we purchased it (they aren’t the problem but they can complain to the whirlpool dealer who is) . PRAISE GOD it has been warm and sunny so we can dry clothes on the outside line we have.

#3 nothing new here

#4 nothing new here.

thanks again for your faithful prayers for us. As some of you know I am involved in a ministry for the Red Zone. I would like to ask you to pray for all the women/transvestites in the program but I am specifically asking you to lift up someone named “Shirley”. Please pray she and her partner accept the Lord fully and wholly and can change their lives and be an influence on those that need to find the Lord and change their lives.

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