prayer needed

Please join us in prayer regarding the following issues we are struggling with:

1. Our hot water works sometimes but not all the time. Which is fine except for showering since it isn’t hot here taking a cold shower is dreadful for me (Jamie). so we are boiling water and adding it to cold water in a bucket and showering this way daily. This has been for like 2+weeks now.

2. The dryer has been broken for 3 weeks. A repairman came and said what part was broken and that he would be back but has never come back. I have gone 3 times to where we bought it (it’s under warranty) and he is trying to get them to come fix it, but with no luck either.

3. Our oven and stovetop have never really worked either. We bought the dryer and stove brand new and we have had 3 service calls but they both only work on high. Which makes my limited cooking skills sketchy at best. When the oven is on broil (the only setting it works on) it takes 2 hours to cook sweet potatoes. Hence why I have a crockpot and was HAPPILY donated an instapot!!

4. 90day visa runs!!!! okay this is a big one!!! this is getting crazy and expensive and I don’t know how much longer we can do this. we need to find a solution or find a way to cross over any border for the day and come back. this way isn’t the best or safest way of doing it. we also don’t have a car or anyone to take us for the day to do this. so even taking a charter etc is expensive. Please pray we find a solution to this. When we came is when the Nicaraguan conflict happened therefore it made immigration almost impossible for now. We don’t have the funds to be “retirees” here and though when we researched the lawyer said there was a “missionary” status like we had in Honduras , there actually isn’t one unless you are backed by “world vision” or something big like that. When have been greatly blessed by friends a few times who have gifted us miles to travel outside of Costa Rica to get our stamp. BUT we need a permanent solution to this.
5. All of these issues are taking a huge toll on us, individually and as a couple. I know most of these are demonic spirits of oppresion, confusion…and I KNOW we are serving the Lord in the capacities HE has given US. BUT we need prayer and help.

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