January 29, 2019

8:40 am.  Jamie just left to go serve the ladies in the Red Zone in downtown San Jose.

We are praying for her because she is still not feeling her best.  She still has a cough and runny nose.  Her fever goes away but then returns.  Fortunately, her medicine rids her, at least for several hours, of the fever.

We are also praying about Jamie’s next session of teaching English class.  She handed out flyers yesterday to her exercise class.  A couple of months ago several women in the class expressed interest in taking her class.  However, no one took a flyer.  So, we are praying for discernment in this area.

We are praising God for the Red Zone ministry.  Jamie has a heart for these women, and I know Jamie brings some hope and joy to them as she follows the Holy Spirit’s lead in serving them.

Praise God, our landlord replaced our broken water heater.  After a couple of weeks of cold showers, a hot shower feels really good.  Yesterday we discovered that the clothes dryer we bought on April 3, 2018 is not drying our clothes.  It runs but it just blows air, not warm air.  I went to the place where we bought it and he said a repair guy should come look at it in three days.

Stay turned to the continuing adventures of The Journey Of 2. R f

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