Jamie and I have had a couple of interesting weeks.  It was a blessing to have two sets of visitors recently; the second arrived two days after the first left.  Our second visitor experienced the challenge of living with no hot water.  Our waterless hot-water unit decided to quit working.

At first our landlord told us we’d be without water for a week, but when Jamie called her on the sixth day, we were told that it would be another week.  If we were in Roatan this would not be much of an issue because most of the time it was too hot to even use hot water in the shower; but here in San Isidro it’s a challenge to take a cold shower when its 68  in the house.

Since it was close to the end of the month and rent was due on the 1st, I ask Jamie to ask the landlord if we could speed up the process if we paid the rent early.  Jamie sent her a message that we had the rent money.  An hour later the guy showed up with a new unit.

The new unit didn’t get the water as hot as before but at least it wasn’t cold. The morning after they installed the new unit we woke up to about a half inch of water in the laundry room, kitchen and half the living room.

At 7am the landlord came and took out the new unit telling us that it was a defective unit.  Currently we are waiting for the new, new replacement. 0000000000000

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