I had the privilege this week to work with a friend in the “red light district” called zona de roja in San Jose.  it really is only by the grace of God that I wasn’t born on the streets and felt I had no other avenue but working the streets to live… Against our stereotypes the women were all shapes and sizes and ages and for that matter sexes.  On the day I went the M.O. was a meal and just to chat and give away the few clothes that they had to donate.  You all,  most of these ladies have it so so hard, I can’t even imagine. We know that God loves them as much as HE loves us.  Our goal is to encourage them and give them the HOPE of Christ.  That should be all our goals to encourage others in our lives and those we come across in life.  Everyone needs to know that someone cares about them  FYI: the picture is just an internet photo.  I won’t be taking pictures of when I serve there =)

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