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Yesterday was an interesting day for us…well it actually started Monday. Though we love living here don’t get me wrong but some days are a bit harder than others. So, Monday I tried to buy tickets online for the nutcracker. Neither of us has ever seen it and we live in a city now (well 45 mins away) that has a theatre we decided to go. So, I got on the website…my card wouldn’t work and I couldn’t figure out why so I called and was on hold for 2 hours to no avail =) (see this doesn’t just happen in the states). So, we decided to take the bus and go into town to the actual theatre to buy the tickets. The lady at the box was really nice and spoke slow Spanish to me etc BUT they don’t sell tickets for events that are not happening that same day WHAT?!?!? Okay well…she said you can buy them at masXmenos our local grocery store. I repeated to her what I thought I understood she said and she said, correct. Okay well off to home we went via the bus and went to our store. NOPE, not for sale there. We needed to travel another 30 minutes away to a bigger grocery store to buy them. Ronnie was at his limit by now so he said no. I resorted to asking my friend and student for help. So, I went to her house with my cash and she bought the tickets for me. (by then the seats I wanted were sold out) BUT I got seats. My friend informed me that my card didn’t work because a local bank in central America (BAC bank) was sponsoring the event and if you didn’t have their credit card you couldn’t buy tickets!!!! AGH!!! Go figure

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