July 2nd

Well today is another cool and rainy day. We are told this isn’t rainy season yet, good thing we have rain boots. =) Currently we are working on getting the “classroom/office” set up. Jamie is working diligently on her TEFL certificate. This course is really hard for her, lots of reading, homework and essays. So far she is achieving good grades and surviving LOL.

Regarding Escuela Mi Esperanza: We have a number of people interested in learning English, we just need to pray about which students to accept. Right now we have room for 4 people in the little office we have.

Last week we took the public bus to two “local” beaches (I say local because the closest beach to us is 2.5 hours away ). It was a great experience for us and we had a nice time. It was hot and humid and we enjoyed it. Jamie is working through the language and is able to get us to destinations and get us food at restaurants… Her Spanish is improving as she uses it daily.

We are enjoying apartment living which we never really thought we would. It is loud but our life for the last six years has been loud so it doesn’t really bother us. Next door to us is a cute little two year old girl who greets us with a kiss and “knuckles” every time we pass by. She also keeps walking into our apartment which her parents are a bit shocked by and run after her but stop short of coming in the apartment themselves. The little girl (name unknown) just stays for under a minute then walks out.

This 4th of July will be different for us since leaving Honduras. We were a bit spoiled there with all the tourists and resorts etc. In Honduras every year there was a huge celebration with fireworks over the sea. Here in Costa Rica it isn’t celebrated (which it really shouldn’t be since we aren’t in the u.s.) We will have bible study tomorrow evening instead.

Well that is it for now. Have a blessed new week and be thankful that the Lord is still in control.

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