Good Monday Evening =)

We are starting a new week here in our “new” little town. We have changed up our life a bit and are trying to start new and different habits. we haven’t hit the 21-30 day mark yet but we will get there.

Last week we started our 90 bible plan with a small group of others, so we are doing that daily and started a daily exercise plan. though I GREATLY miss my daily work out in Roatan, I am enjoying my time with Ronnie and just the two of us trying to get in better shape…We have a small office in our apartment and that is now our office/workout place. Ronnie even now has a yoga mat so that he doesn’t have to workout with a towel on tile =)

I have been praying for a few years and contemplating getting more education for teaching English abroad SO tomorrow I am starting a TEFOL online program. I have to stop procrastinating and then looking back and thinking “why didn’t I do that”…so here I go. Yes; I am nervous, yes; I wonder if I can do it, yes; I wonder if I have that many brain cells left but I am moving forward nonetheless. If it is Gods will I will complete it. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

ALSO, shortly I will be starting up English classes again. I have had requests already so as soon as I can get books, a white board and some chairs I will start planning it all out. Thanks to my friend Esteban for helping me with this. Life here in Costa Rica is so different than our life on the island, partly because that was our normal after a bit and now we don’t have that. For example: we need to get some things done this week and since we don’t have a vehicle we are going to have to experience UBER in an area we don’t really know and in a language I am not proficient in =) and yes I should be by now. My son jokes me that I am on the 20 year learning Spanish plan (he’s probably right, it could be the whole brain cell thing hahaha). Life is an adventure set out by the Lord, high and low and we are choosing to “give thanks in all circumstances 1 thess 5:18). LIVE WITH INTENTION!!!

Have a great week! if you think of it please add us to your prayer requests and if you are so inclined please donate to my new school startup expense.

Viviendo el sueno – Jamie

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