It’s St. Patrick’s Day… did you know that Patrick, this 3rd century missionary in Ireland was not Irish? He was English, born in Wales around year 390 into a Christian home. At the age of 16 he was taken captive by Irish pirates, forced into slave labor for the next 6 years. It was during this time he fully gave his life to Jesus. Escaping in his early 20s, he went back to Wales and lived there until his early 40s. He then returned to Ireland, without the support of the church, as a missionary to share the love of Jesus with the Druids among others, and died there in 460.

“I came to the people of Ireland to preach the Gospel, and to suffer insult from the unbelievers, bearing the reproach of my going abroad and many persecutions even unto bonds, and to give my free birth for the benefit of others.”

“I cannot be silent about the great benefits and the great grace which the lord has deigned to bestow upon me in the land of my captivity; for this we can give to God in return after having been chastened by him, to exalt and praise His wonders before every nation that is anywhere under the heaven.”

Remember St. Patrick today and his sacrifice to share the Good News and love of Jesus. He’s an example to follow as he followed Jesus’ example!

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