From John Mattica the leader of our HFMM group

Good afternoon,

The purpose of this post (that also went out as an email) is to share information with you concerning this coming week. Having read information from multiple sources and investigating which are credible and which are panic-driven, I wanted to sum up for you what the coming week may hold. Keep in mind that for every plan of one side, there is a counter plan from the other side. Also, keep in mind that along with the planned official protests can come the unplanned and unannounced protests by individuals.

According to a document that some of you have seen already put out by the Allianza, starting Saturday the 20th at 6 a.m., the plan is to take all of the major highways and even secondary roads throughout the country. However, according to the alert from the US Embassy today, protests can begin as early as tomorrow at noon. I posted that alert in the members only FB group a few minutes after I received the email this morning. You can see it there.

On Sunday the 21st, in the capital, there is a plan by the Alianza to hold demonstrations in front of the National Congress building in downtown Tegucigalpa.

On the 25th, 26th, and 27th, the plan is to once again block all of the major and secondary roadways, as well as the airports, and ultimately to surround the national stadium in Tegucigalpa with the intention to prevent the inauguration from happening.

In light of the most recent protest that resulted in multiple injuries and extensive property damage, we should not assume that these planned protests will remain peaceful throughout the whole time. Last Friday’s protest escalated pretty quickly. There is a high probability that the Allianza has spent these weeks getting more organized and better prepared for a tougher battle.

In response to those plans, FUSINA (Fuerza de Seguridad Interinstitucional Nacional) has issued a statement that they will actively remove protesters who are blocking roadways and protesting in a manner that endangers the safety of others or damaged public or private property. So, confrontation can be expected.

As such, not to make this email really long, we encourage you to take the necessary precautions over the next week.

1. Stay away from road blocks, protests, and contested areas.There are instructions telling people that only those who are participating in the protest should come to the blockades. Only ambulances, Red Cross, Green Cross, and those that can prove they are transporting the sick or injured will be let through. All others will be turned away.

2. Stock up on your needed medicines, food, fuel, batteries, flash lights, cash, pure water, etc.

3. Share information that is credible.

In December, we all helped to keep each other informed of protests and road blocks. I encourage you to do the same. HOWEVER, please share credible information in a calm manner. If you have doubts, check with one of us or someone else before posting. Please, do not be a part of spreading panic


We encourage you to continue in ministry as you are able, using wisdom and staying informed of what is happening in your particular area. Remember, if you are struggling with what is going on and need someone to talk to or pray with, our Member Care Department is available.

We are here for you,

John M. Mattica


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