Prayer request

From John Mattica, President of HFMM

Yesterday afternoon, a few thousand people marched to the presidential palace to protest the result of the election. The protest turned violent due to a hand full of agitators. During that time people were injured, both civilian and military. The lobby windows of the Marriott hotel were broken and they set fires in the lobby, though those were extinguished before extensive damage was done. The news coverage was plentiful and for the rest of the evening and yet today, more stories are being reported. Honduras needs prayer.

What was not reported yesterday in the news were the countless activities of God’s people who built houses for the needy, took food to the hungry, treated the sick, and advanced the Kingdom of God this week. The negative and the tragic will always garner more attention and I am not trying to trivialize the seriousness of the state Honduras finds itself in.

But what I want to bring out is that though travel warnings abound against coming to Honduras, though the world would paint such a horrible picture of this country because of the acts of a few thousand isolated on one boulevard, in the rest of the country, starting from the next block over from the protests to the borders of the nation, God and His people are still on the move!


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