Honduras update: a winner of the election was announced tonight. Many are very upset at the results that were shared. Major blockages of roads and protests are happening right now. Please pray for all the people of Honduras. There are a lot of missionaries here who are joining you in that prayer. I share this not out of fear or anxiety, but with the hope we find in Christ for peace, grace and truth to cover this wonderful nation. As the world prepares for Christmas, Honduras is in a state of crisis and uncertainty, chaos and protest. Honduras needs a covering of prayer. If you will join us, please simply hit like. Let’s pray in unity for evil to be thwarted and God’s plans to be victorious over this great nation to our south.

If you are having trouble understanding why Honduras is in such turmoil… adding to the bad communication with lack of power etc … imagine this …. The winning side got 42.95% of the vote while the opposition was very close at 41.42%. Now add to this is the first time in history a President can serve a second-term and the people have little trust in their government and feel unheard…

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