Honduras Please Pray

hi all – just wanted to keep you updated on the situation here in Honduras.  Last Sunday was the presidential election, the incumbent was not voted in as the winner so therefore he is changing the vote…it is really confusing to us and we don’t have all the correct facts either. so anyways, this is causing rioting, looting and craziness on the mainland.  which in turn flows down to us in the fact of receiving food and gasoline and provisions on the island.  We are currently under a 10 day curfew (below I will list the info on the curfew since many of us have never lived under one except from our parents).  SOOOO, to make a long story even longer.  Please continue to pray for the safety of all the missionaries here on the island and mostly  those on the mainland.  Also, at times the government has cut off our internet and cell service so that people cannot communicate with each other to incite more violence and craziness.  So if we don’t have internet and phones don’t worry we will be fine.  We will work on improving our Rummikub skills. =)  Jamie still will be coming to the states for the holidays.  If you have any personal questions please just email us.  Thanks again for reading and praying for a quick calm resolution.

What does a curfew mean?
1. It means that you cannot be out on the streets during those hours established for the curfew, whether that is driving or walking the streets. So, do not go out running or walking your dogs until after 6 am.
2. Any person who is out on the street will be stopped by the police, questioned, and detained.
3. The police, along with the help of the military have the right to take the measures they feel are appropriate to the given situation. That could mean immediate arrest, the forceful removal of protesters, and should the situation escalate, lethal force.
4. During the hours in which you are allowed out, be sure to carry your ID with you, whether your residency card if you have one, or your passport.
5. As mentioned before, stay stocked up on food, water, and fuel.

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