Good morning all it has been a good but really different week. We had to close school due to a pinkeye epidemic, it was Independence Day, children’s week, lots and lots of Marching and really really hot. After one month of searching for an electrician to hook up our generator it finally happened two days ago. Good and bad to that story is we found out our dryer and water heater were hot wired to the electric board. Thankfully the electrician found it before the house burned down especially since it isn’t our house. Right now we don’t really need hot water since it’s so hot anyway. Cool showers feel actually very nice. He did connect the generator and the clothes dryer. So all is good. Today’s going to be another really hot day feels like 110 we may head to the beach again like we did yesterday afternoon the water isn’t cool but it’s cooler than being at home. And who can complain about floating in the Caribbean Sea!!! Right?!?! We are still both healthy and doing again ( no pinkeye ) . Please pray that Jamie can find an affordable flight to visit the grandbaby at the end of October beginning of November right now everything we find is too expensive for her to go. Thanks for reading and have a great Saturday. May God richly bless you in the journey you have chosen.

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