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Last week we were finally able to get an electrician to come and wire our new generator into the breaker box in the closet of our guest room.  Fortunately, the funds donated for the generator also covered the cost for this work.  He wired in a duel breaker. One side is for RECO (our electric company). The other side is for the generator. When you turn one on the other goes off.

Just like in Property Brothers, when they opened the breaker box cover, they found an issue.  Both the water heater and the dryer were directly wired to the hot side of the power; which means neither had a fuse breaker!

With the constant on/off of RECO, it is a miracle that that the place didn’t burn down. The least that could happen was one or both could have blown out.

We had the electrician wire in another breaker box in the bodega where the water heater and dryer are.  He also added a switch that allows us to turn off the power to the water heater when we are using the generator.

Praise God for the friends that donated the funds to make our living conditions here so much more comfortable.  Praying God will bless you all for how you continually bless Jamie and I.

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