Thursday February 17th

hi all – it has been an interesting week for us. we have some visitors that we had never met before from New Jersey. We were told their skills are construction, military and mud extreme events. And well; besides Ronnie’s haircut to qualify for military that was as much as  we had in common.  Day one, was started with tons of exercises and drills on the court with the school kids…it  was super hot AND they had a blast (girls dressed in uniform skirts and all). Day two, was the same except the girls planned ahead and changed clothes before school started.  the boys…well…THEY LOVED IT!!! Ivonne and I even got involved in the emergency fireman rescue something something, where you pick someone up and run out of the building/house with them.  Today was CPR and tourniquets. The middle class of younger kids didn’t all understand but they all listened and they got to practice on each other.  the older class really enjoyed it and ask questions etc. the wife of the military guy (marine) took tons of pictures and shared them with the kids at the beginning of each class. they loved looking at pictures of themselves and seeing everyone doing the exercises.  So, too make a long rambling story probably even longer…you never know what the week will bring you or how you affect people in the everyday day to day of life.  We have really enjoyed this couple and are going to dinner with them tomorrow night so get to know them better.  You never know when your path crosses with another person how the Lord will work.  Ronnie and I pray that sharing our life with them will make a difference…planting seeds!!!  GET PLANTING!!! In Him, Jamie

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