There are so many tales I could tell about The Journey of 2.  How five years ago, come February 25th, Jamie and I started another adventure in our life together.
We could tell tales of how we’ve struggled together through trials and tribulations; or how we’ve missed so many of the people we left in the States.
We could tell tales of strained relationships with other brothers and sisters in Christ; or failed projects that we’ve had to let go off.
We could tell tales of financial difficulties; or enlighten you on what it’s like to lay in a pool of your own sweat late at night when the electric has gone out; again.
Praise God that none of the above holds any weight compared to the blessings God has so generously, graciously, mercifully and so wonderfully laid upon us.
Over the last five years we have been literally saved from ourselves.  Saved from dwelling in hardships, failures and lost focus.
Jamie and I can truly testify how God has, not only sustained us, but has revealed to us the joy of our salvation.
How can we describe what it is like when God gives us glimpses of how the work He does through us changes not just the lives of those we serve but our lives as well.
We tell you the truth, serving others; particularly those who have what the world calls very little, has such amazing results.  Results that we get to witness, first hand!
Let us share one recent event.  One day this past week Jamie was busy preparing school curriculum.  I was working with Hector, Carlos and Moses out in front of the school.  During a break one of the guys asked a biblical question, and it turned into a discussion.  We went back and forth giving our opinions, asking more questions and giving more opinions.
Then Hector did something we should all do every time.  He went inside the school and came out with a bible and said “Let’s see what God says”.
Many years ago, when I first became a supervisor, I learned that my job was not so much to tell people what to do, but rather it was to provide the resources for those who reported to me, so they could do their jobs.  I got the work done through them but I was responsible for the results.
It wasn’t my job to do their job, but, in reality, my job was to serve them so they could increase their knowledge and skills.  The results benefited all of us.
We take no credit for what God is doing in so many of our lives here.  We serve so that others may find Christ.  God provides the resources for us to do what He has directed us to do.
If you want to experience true God sent blessings, find someone to serve.  All you need to do is be willing.  God provides the recourses for us to gain knowledge and skill, and He takes the responsibility for the results.  Serving gives us front-row seats!

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