Good Morning – Wednesday

Good Morning All – German leaves on the ferry this morning to head to San Pedro Sula for his interview with Princess Cruises. This has been three years in the waiting.  First he needed to finish school, learn English!!, then test for all his cruise ship certificates then wait until he was 21.  Well he completed all of that and tested/interviewed here and passed with flying colors so now he is having his last interview.  if he passes then he will go to immigration and get his paperwork. He turns 21 in January.  We have shared the Lord with him in word and action for 4.5 yrs.  God’s word doesn’t go out void (or something like that)…He came over yesterday to chat and get his finals stuff from us and as we were talking about the last years and how proud we are of him he was mentioning helping others etc. so I told him that when the time comes for him he needs to realize it and help someone else that is less fortunate and realize it is all from the LORD and PRAISE HIM for the ability.  Keep him in your prayers and I will keep you posted as to how he does.  we should know by Monday.  Thanks for reading =)

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