Lusbin Hercules graduation!!!

Yeah, lusbin graduated. We are really proud of her. Their dinner choice was of course pizza at Bojangles.  So us along with many others celebrated at Bojangles. During dinner they ask if we could stay for fireworks because they had never seen them there. Well of course we have to say yes. So….we waited two more hours for the fireworks with literally three  thousand (possibly more) other Hondurans for the fireworks. It was a nice display and we tried  to look at it through their eyes since Ronnie and I have seen fireworks many times.  I am not going to say it wasn’t frightening at times. Ronnie and I aren’t big on huge crowds at night in super tight areas =). Especially here. Praise God all went well and it was a blessed unexpected night. AND since they were all Spanish speakers I got to practice my Spanish all night !!!

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