July 20, 2016

First of all, happy birthday to my beloved and to my dad who is in heaven for the last two birthdays.

Secondly, it has been a busy almost two weeks getting the property completed enclosed for safety and many other reasons.  we have secured 2 parking spots so Hilberto can’t complain anymore that we are on his 3′ of property =) Praise God this is almost completed.

Soccer is going good (Ronnie is at a meeting tonight instead of bday dinner). We are in second place, without complaining a lot let’s just say that they don’t want the team from La Colonia to win.  The arbitrators are really unfair and there are all sorts of politics that we don’t entertain.  For instance one of the arbitrators ask us for a “donation” since we didn’t “donate” he called so many crazy calls on the game that we lost.  But we are teaching our boys character building skills and this is just one of them. =0  We are truly blessed to be living in this time here as God has designed it to be.

One of the students at school wanted to talk to me personally on Sunday and asked if he could be in the band at school and it is 1500lps ($75) and he needed someone to sponsor this.  So we found sponsors and he hugged me (he is small) and put his head between my armpit and chest and just cried!!! he is 13 yrs old.  He is a really good student at Casa de Luz and his parents work really hard selling trinkets on the beach and don’t make much.  He has only asked once for something (food) so it isn’t like he is always asking for something.  At times the Lord does give you the desires of your heart (band included)!! =)

Ivonne and I are still being consistent in our exercise program to stay healthy.  Keep us in your prayers.

Also prayers for Ronnie would be appreciated. He is having some small health problems due to stress.  We got all of his blood test back today and all the major things are good so no worries there.

Our friends from Magnolia Baptist come on Saturday on the plane Chris Imbach leaves on.  It will be a fun week with them.

Thank you again for reading our blog and supporting us financially and in your prayers.

In Him, Jamie


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