last week

wow it was a crazy but good week. tons of construction got completed and it was awesome having 4 ladies working the school.  pics to follow…

we have definitely hit the ground running from our visit to the states. we have another volunteer/friend this upcoming week.  she volunteers at the clinic in the mornings and helps with school in the afternoons. she is delightful to have.

ivonne and I have a lot going on at school, our second part time helper is gone =/ BUT in the end it is a blessing so it is all good.

Ronnie is super stressed with all  of his list of things to do so please keep him in your prayers.  thanks to all of you who donate to us and pray for us – you bless us greatly. thanks again – much love jrm

Good morning all – Chet’s creek church is here this week teaching at school, building the back wall, helping with stairs and playing with kids. It is warm but everyone is hanging in there. A great week is happening!!! Thank you Lord for all you do.  Please continue to pray for our ministry and for Jamie going to language school. A lot needs to happen (fundraising, someone to fill in at school besides ivonne…)  so please join us in this.  Also please lift up a soccer boy named pony who is in need of a family to care for him and a safe place to live that can provide food.  Thank you for hanging with us In the good and bad times.  Talk to you soon. In Him- jrm 

The application of Scripture opens the door for God to work in our lives.

we are back home…

well we are back on the island YEAH!!! we really miss it when we are away =) we enjoy our ministry and our lifestyle. we are asked when we return from the states “did you have a relaxing time…?” hahaha usually “relaxing” isn’t the word we would use. It is great seeing family, kids, grandchild and friends but we are normally really busy while in the states. we do praise God for all those who help us, give us a place to sleep, a car to drive, meals etc. we could not do it without faithful friends and family.

Tomorrow we receive a small team for the week from south Carolina then the day they leave Chet’s Creek is coming for a week. woohoo!!! We have 3 teams this month and two in July. come join us for the fun and fellowship – contact us directly or any church partner and come for a visit.

we have a soccer game today at 4pm, so I am off to get things ready. have a great week – In Him, jamie

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