I am not feeling good today so I am at home while Ronnie is working out in the heat on the court to be ready for when chris comes next week.

We cannot walk by faith if we remain chained by fear, because fear negates our ability to trust Him.


the first couple of pictures are of a drama teacher that came to school today just for the last class.  they REALLY enjoyed him and his games etc.  he spoke quick English so they had to listen carefully.  the picture with my head covered is when I went to arlyn’s first communion last night. she goes to a very “traditional” church where women cover their heads…our friend Lisa Johnson came today to help for a week.  she is a great help and the kids like her. they miss her. the Sunday that the team came both our soccer teams played and this is a picture of Ronnie with the older and younger teams. friends make life better, this is a picture of ivonne and esteban with us at sunset in west end of course heading to dola’s our favorite roasted chicken place.  that about sums it up – have a great night and thanks for reading.

last week

wow it was a crazy but good week. tons of construction got completed and it was awesome having 4 ladies working the school.  pics to follow…

we have definitely hit the ground running from our visit to the states. we have another volunteer/friend this upcoming week.  she volunteers at the clinic in the mornings and helps with school in the afternoons. she is delightful to have.

ivonne and I have a lot going on at school, our second part time helper is gone =/ BUT in the end it is a blessing so it is all good.

Ronnie is super stressed with all  of his list of things to do so please keep him in your prayers.  thanks to all of you who donate to us and pray for us – you bless us greatly. thanks again – much love jrm

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