I love FaceTime. we chatted with Bradley and Karly while Bradley was cooking dinner tonight. tofu something pai  it looked scrumptious (of course minus the peanuts and tofu). he is a really good cook though. it was nice seeing the grand dogs and chatting with Karly. we miss them.

I am trying to get 4 weeks of lesson plans together and organized for when I am in the states and Ronnie is trying to finish up his projects  along with trying to be at home for the things that need to be fixed at the rental. someone has to be home while they are here. it was a good day at school. we have “lost” 3 teenagers (one was bored, one had too much homework and one the mom didn’t know he wasn’t coming). oh teenagers are a whole different breed of people.  I wish I had free Spanish when I was a teenager!!! we are pretty sure one of the boys came to school smelling like alcohol. when we asked him he of course denied anything, we asked to smell his breathe and it didn’t smell like alcohol but HE did. I don’t know, I am not really an expert in these kind of things. I will have to talk to him again tomorrow.

Well I am super tired so off to bed I go…ya hablamos (talk to  you later)



we got running water at school today!!! PRAISE GOD!! the Lord matched me up with someone that had connections with the fire dept and I sent them a letter and I received free water today (it was more complicated than that but…) to fill our tank. I can’t get the video to download but if you go on fb it is there. I am so happy, excited and thankful ❤

the dentist and soccer

this is really never a good title for a blog right?! but on Tuesday I had 3 fillings and a wisdom tooth extracted – UGH. thankfully even though my missing wisdom tooth looks gross and is sore it is way better than the last time my tooth was plugged. I go back to the dentist tomorrow but it doesn’t look infected like last time =)  Ronnie and his team are moving forward with soccer, he had another coach meeting last night and the usual shenanigans happened where they didn’t count our game and points…Ronnie just put on his happy face and called it good. they aren’t happy that a team from la colonia won the championship so they are doing all they can to make us lose this year. for instance, cancelling our games (which means we get no points so at the end of the season there is no way we can win). having us play games that two weeks later they determine don’t count. =) you know that kind of thing. But God is in control and this teaches us and our boys a good lesson (hopefully).  thanks for reading and have a good day!!!

Yesterday God allowed us to be a part of blessing a family in need with provisions. Every time we are allowed to be part of this I tell people this isn’t from us it is SOLELY from the Lord. We have never “helped” this family before but her son goes to Casa de Luz and I tell the kids this all the time “Trust in the Lord and let Him work through you”. Well when I talked to her today to give her the items she SOLELY praised the Lord for helping her in this hard time of her life. She even told me in English “thank you Jesus”. There are some days I am extra blessed . These are the times I need to remember when I have hard days here that are frustrating. Create in me a clean heart O God….- Jamie 

feeling irritated…

Well all our snorkeling / diving equipment was stolen off our porch today. Which by the way you have to go through a little gate and around the house!!!!!!!! Living abroad has it’s perks but there are times that it has big downfalls also =/.Robbery being one of them. We partially have ourselves to blame for letting them dry outside I understand that but part of me is super irritated. The stuff was expensive and I only got to use my fins 3 times.

Okay well enough ranting =) In the end I praise God that no one broke into the house, we are healthy and happy (except for today) and in the long run it wasn’t life threatening…

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