I love FaceTime. we chatted with Bradley and Karly while Bradley was cooking dinner tonight. tofu something pai  it looked scrumptious (of course minus the peanuts and tofu). he is a really good cook though. it was nice seeing the grand dogs and chatting with Karly. we miss them.

I am trying to get 4 weeks of lesson plans together and organized for when I am in the states and Ronnie is trying to finish up his projects  along with trying to be at home for the things that need to be fixed at the rental. someone has to be home while they are here. it was a good day at school. we have “lost” 3 teenagers (one was bored, one had too much homework and one the mom didn’t know he wasn’t coming). oh teenagers are a whole different breed of people.  I wish I had free Spanish when I was a teenager!!! we are pretty sure one of the boys came to school smelling like alcohol. when we asked him he of course denied anything, we asked to smell his breathe and it didn’t smell like alcohol but HE did. I don’t know, I am not really an expert in these kind of things. I will have to talk to him again tomorrow.

Well I am super tired so off to bed I go…ya hablamos (talk to  you later)


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